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Q: How can I use the latest builds that are not supplied on Steam (v4# beta, etc.)?
A: Copy license.dat from MyDocs\3D-CoatV4#\ to MyDocs\3D-CoatV4#\

- To get key directly run Regedit.exe and search for SteamKey field.

Q: How can I upgrade my license of 3DC that I purchased from Steam?
A: All upgrades are done directly through Pilgway, and can be done HERE. This is also true when buying from any reseller.

Q: When will a Mac and/or Linux build be available on Steam?
A: It depends on when Valve allows developers to post software for said OSs. It is unknown at this time when they will do so.

Q: How can I get my existing license onto Steam?
A: Not at the moment, but is being looked at.

Q: Where can I download the latest beta build?

A: From here

(More to come)

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Steam can support Beta program, there is a tab under 3dcoat properties, many app use it to provide preview and beta program :)




Open the steam client and go in Library. Right click on the app and select properties.





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Lunchtime_Sketch said:

hey all, I have a question: i bought 3DC on steam, can I transfer my license to standalone version of software? I notice that there's version 4.9.65 available on the website, while steam offers me version 60.

if anyone's interested- it's really easy and doesn't require supports help to switch licenses from Steam to standalone version of 3DCoat, Oleg in his reply to my email told me that all that's needed is product key from your steam library and installer from website. Use key from Steam on trial version and you're all set

I can confirm that it works, I just needed to unninstall license from steam version of 3DCoat once I had standalone installed

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