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Pressing "Unwrap" button crashes 3D-coat

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I need urgent help.

I have a fairly simple all-quad model I am trying to UV unwrap. If I manually mark the seams and hit Unwrap, 3D Coat crashes and I get forever spinning beachball. I am not using symmetry although the model itself is symmetrical.

It is impossible to use 3D coat for unwrapping when this issue exists. I'm under deadline and I would need urgent help for this issue.

I'm running 3D-Coat (3.7.08B (GL64) under Snow Leopard. My machine is Quad Core Mac Pro with 8 gigs of ram.

Show screenshot of the model I try to unwrap.


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That is certainly weird. I do not know why such a low poly mesh would cause it to crash, but hopefully the solution is easy:

1) First delete the options.xml in your user folder (I am still unsure where it is located on a Mac, so hopefully if you can't find it, someone more familiar with mac can chime in)

2) Try using a more recent build (3.7.18F for mac) from here: http://3d-coat.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=10438

Hope one of those helps!

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