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retopology - edge faces

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Hello all

Im new to 3D Coat but have been using 3DS Max for several years, so i have a good understanding of 3D.

I can not see the edges faces in retopology on any model i have made so far, "see attached image"

Im thinking it something as simple as a setting i have missed or pressed/clicked by mistake,

Can anyone help me fix this problem so i can get back to studying the program.

Thank you for your time

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i remember saw this bug before


Please run the DX_V4 version of 3DCoat to see if you still have the wireframe issue.


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To anyone else having this problem, try starting the program in a different setting,

the settings:

3D-Coat DirectX

3D-Coat OpenGL CUBA

3D-Coat DirectX CUBA

3D-Coat 64 bit OpenGL

3D-Coat 64 bit DirectX

3D-Coat 64 bit OpenGL CUBA

3D-Coat 64 bit DirectX CUBA

i was using a 3D-Coat 64 bit DirectX bit but i tryed 3D-Coat DirectX and i works.

if you are using steam you may have to go into the steam LIBRARY and right click on on the program to get the settings options

hope this is helpful

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