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This is my first WIP posted there :) I started it to perform beta testing of beta5. It was useful - several bugs was fixed, several determined and sent to Raul to be fixed. Generally I enjoyed the process. There was one crash in the middle, but generally all was relatively predictable. I hope it will be even more after my tests :). So - The Ant -


135231898838.jpg 135231907515.jpg

135231912304.jpg 135231917555.jpg

135231926731.jpg 135231960893.jpg

Generally I keep ants at home (my hobby, see there) so Ant was my obvious choice to model.

Scene is 3.8 mill, not optimized at all, may be fit in 2 mill easily, took around 3 or 4 hours of sculpting and painting.

Retopo was made 50% using autopo, some parts was retpoed manually, some parts - cloned from other parts. Generally there was not much issues with retopo, noticed only problem when tried to delete invisible layer via draggong to trash. This is retopo result:


Baked to NM without issues, just noticed that baking is too long when there are a lot of volumes (even to 2K texture). I adjusted scan length for better result.


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Very nice. So, is that going to be one of the new Preset model's for the splash screen? Speaking of which, I sent you an updated version of the logo, for the splash screen before you went on vacation. It's the one used on the Youtube channel, and it should help to provide a bit of contrast between the logo and the ribbons in the background.

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Really Nice work.

Now you should retopo ,unwrap,and bake it from the retopo room.


I would like to see you retopo and UV the ant, merge it to the scene (MV) and then create a nice texture using cavity (fill) as well as multiple blended paint layers, also don't forget to add finer surface details.

Then, extract the maps (texture, displacement etc) as well as the retopo mesh (obj) to be used in another application such as Maya, Max, Softimage etc.


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Gosh! A programmer that tests his own tool!

Am I dreaming? :)

(Just a joke. In my company, programmers hardly test the shaders and stuff they develop. It is the designer job)

Besides, your ant is really cool.

Only three hours to make it, really?

You beat all of us.

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Merged to micriverts - much faster, still have little spikes

This is rendered with subpatching. I am surprized that baking essentially non-normal directed spikes on the body was not problematic.


I used Layers->Clamp depth to remove buggy spikes, then smoothed a bit bad area.

Fixed head area:


Now it is time to fix bugs and improve what was found.

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Very cool Andrew!

Great to see you using the tool you've created. This will go a long way to making 3D Coat better. I don't even mind if we have to wait longer for new builds.

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