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increasing microverts texture quality

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I've been having this problem when I merge my object using microverts, where the images I'm painting with look really low rez in spite of my telling it to make the uv set at 8192 x 8192.

If I use that same value and merge using per-pixel, I get a much higher looking rez from the image I'm painting with.

I'm sure I'm missing something here. But I'll be darned if I can find it.

Can I increase the rez of my uv some how? Or am I merging incorrectly?

This is being made for animation, not game content.

Thanks for any help!


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Read this to understand why there is a difference in texture quality between PPP and MV...


Possible workflow

Use MV for creating your displacement maps

Use PPP for painting the textures.

Also if you are going to use 8K maps you could try turning off linear texture filtering under the View menu.

The above are only suggestions...

The amount of (Millions of Polygons) is very important in the merge dialog box. It must be higher than the amount of pixels in the image map. In the picture you see I do not have enough polygons. It would need to be set at least set to 16 million or the Width x Height (pixels) of the image map. This is the internal amount of polygons that 3dCoat uses to create your displacement map or normal map for MV mode. Your displacement or normal map will be higher in quality.

Increasing the true carcass polygons could help with the textures as you have more vertices but I am not sure about that one... You would just have to test.


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Thank you !!!

You hit the nail on the head with the number of polygons to pixels. I had mine set way too low.

I did think of making my object with MV and then doing image maps from a per-pix. But I was sure I was missing something basic like this. It didn't make since that the MV method would be so limited.

Thanks again !


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