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I just purchased 3d Coat and am very excited to be using it. I watched the “Damaged Pillar” videos and this is exactly what I want to be doing. I am a set designer working in the film industry and want to use your program to create building elements that have texture like the damaged pillars. Scale is very important, however, and as I sculpt (with voxels) I must always be aware how big the object that I am making is.

When I create a cube, for example, I can set a specific size for it? If I want to create a cube that’s 4’ wide x 6’ high x 3’ deep. How do I do that? Also, can I set the grid to a specific size, like a line every 12” for example to help me keep track of scale?

Thank you.

Cosmas Demetriou

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Voxel Room

At Voxels Menu > Define Measurement units

Over Tools > Adjust Measure

Im working in meters... the size of my models when i import/export are ok in another apps

View > Grid Size > Customize Grid... i duno how to set it

The default unit is pixels... if i remember well

View > Grid2D mode is useful too

Primitives Tool

In the Properties Menu there is a Size x-y-z option... every 100 point is 1 grid size

Use Size 400 600 300


About Object Scale


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I will see if I can knock out a quick scene and real world scale tutorial in the next day or so...

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