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Hi all, im a hobbist gamedev with very limited budget so i cant spend thousands of dollars in 3ds or maya.

Im using Blender (still learning) and id like to know what you think about the integration and the workflow with 3D-Coat.

This 2 prog can be the complete graphic pipeline for my needs or you have other hints?

Thanks for your help.

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Same situation here

hobbist gamedev with very limited budget

I use Blender + 3DCoat... and dont need any1 more

both programs have pros and cons... but the integration is awesome... and you can supply the lacks of one software with the pros of the another.

3DCoat is a good Swiss army knife

but... take in mind that is a step learning curve... the workflow isnt traditional... every room have to many features... and every room is like a program by itself.

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I also made my way to 3D-Coat, Blender and other art programs because of the Indie Game Development that I got into at the start of 2012. I used Torque 3D at first and can vouch for it. it is a great engine. I changed over to using unity 3D a few months back and I'm am loving it as well.

I had never heard of the Esenthal Engine until reading this post. it looks amazing and affordable. Good luck with that one.

On the Blender note, I just found out about the new Bsurface tool that was added to Belnder 2.6. It looks amazing.

Happy Holidays,



Venged (handle on MMO games)

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