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3DCoat install & content folders best practices ?


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As the beta continues and I am mostly using 3.7, I find I'm needing to move materials, brushes etc to the new version.

Does there exist anywhere a site-map or folder explanation of where all the content for 3D-Coat is installed (for Windows I mean)? Some of it appears in the AppData and other stuff in subfolders in the Program Files\3DCoat folder.

What I'd really like to know, is for every type of add-on content there is in 3DC, is what folder is where and how best to organize it when I add new materials etc.

Ideally, I would like a situation where I have folders for:

  • 3DCoat default installed content
  • 3rd party or addon content downloaded from forums
  • My Content that I want there all the time in 3DC for use between multipl projects
  • My Content that is temporarily loaded (or in a folder so I can easily delete from My Content) for use for a particular model or *.3b file

But I get confused where everything is and also in maintaining all the myriad of brushes, objects, materials, depth/spec etc maps and I don't want to mix my stuff with with installed stuff so it's easy for me to extract my content if I move computers or change versions of 3D-Coat. Is it even possible to separate my content out into different folders and yet have it integrated with the default content inside the application?

Can anyone spell it out for me how to do this or what best practices you use for 3D-Coat to manage this sort of thing cleanly? (I'm not sure if any of this requires any feature requests to make it easier to do).

thanks :)

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This is an old thread but perhaps a video tutorial showing where this goes etc. would be helpful.  I'd like to migrate the large amounts of customizations/brushes/materials to 3DC21.  Not sure where to begin.  Also an installer that would ask to remove the previous build cleanly and install new build but keep job history and customizations would be elegant.

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  • Carlosan changed the title to 3DCoat install & content folders best practices ?

Andrew replied about this:

- Completely new folders structure. Really streamlined and logical as it was proposed in this thread.

Almost all now is split between two folders - data and UserPrefs.

As it is logical, UserPrefs is user-created content.

Data is sort of temporary stuff.

The folder in documents changed, now it is Docs/3DCoat-2021/. Even if the folders structure is changed it is compatible with the previous one.

As soon as 3DCoat detects some files copied to the new location in Documents from the old one, it will convert the files to the new structure.

Also, if you will install 3dcpack it will be installed correctly (except presets that use old tools that are not present in the toolset).

So, to migrate from earlier beta you may copy folders from old beta to Docs/3DCoat-2021 or create 3dcpack in old beta and install using UI.

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