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Suggestion: Theme Loader


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I wanted to make a suggestion that there be a theme loader incorporated that can load other user created themes..in terms of UI layout and color schemes. It wouldn't be something I would place as higher priority over other aspects of functionality, but would be cool to have.

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I moved this thread to the feature request section, it belongs here and not in the 3DC discussion.

FWIW, what you're asking for already exists. Go to:


Customize the theme as you desire, then hit "Save Theme". Then when you want to load a theme, again go to Edit>Preferences, hit the "Load" button, browse to the file. That's all there is to it.

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the UI layout is saved too ? :blink:

Sorry for the slow reply, the holidays are taking its toll. To save your UI layout, you go to Windows>Store (either layout for one room or workspace for all rooms). Likewise you can load from the same menu.

OK, thanks...but how would I get another user's setup and load it...I see that you can load themes, but what file(s) would someone need to provide me in order for me to load their theme?

Oh...and sorry for posting in the wrong spot.

No worries Alvordr! I moved it for you. It's not a problem. :)

So when you save a theme, there will be a file requester, just jot down what you saved it as and where, and you could send someone that file, or someone could send you their file. The same applies to saving/loading layouts/workspaces.

Hope this helps guys. Cheers.

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It does...might I suggest a pinned thread for users to submit their preferred setups? I did this in the Cheetah3D community a while back for the users to upload their textures/materials. It's grown quite a bit since then.

Here you go. :)


(I've also posted my current layout to start the thread)

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