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functionality of Steam version vs. standard version


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Now that both the Steam version and the standard, direct-buy versions are on sale, I'm weighing my options. :)

The discussion over in this thread indicates that the Steam version of 3d-coat will be updated and maintained at the same pace as the standard version (correct me if I'm wrong!) and that upgrades, license transfers, and a few other things are still being hashed out.

Are there any functionality differences, currently or planned, between the two versions?

Also, does the Steam version "phone home" periodically with a serial number to validate the license like the standard version or does it rely strictly on Steam's DRM? (I like to work offline and I'm comfortable with Steam's offline mode -- I don't want to be worried about being online when the validation takes place.)


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The only difference I'm aware of is that you can directly export to TF2 from the Steam version (which, IMHO, should also be in the standard version). Other than that they are both the same and will progress the same.

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