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I am new to 3d Coat and testing the trial to see how it might work with my other apps (I use Cheetah 3d and Octane Renderer).

At this point my primary interest is in adding organic detail to polygon meshes I will model in Cheetah 3d. I am still trying to understand the differences between the two paint modes - Per pixel and Microvertetx.

Per pixel says it is good for low poly game assets but I do not really see too much difference between the two.

Are there any detailed tutorials that cover these two painting modes?

Two immediate questions I have after playing around with the software for a few days:

(1) After adding detail to a mesh in the Paint room, I then switch to Tweak mode to smooth out some of that detail. But once I return to the Paint room to continue sculpting, most of the smoothing I just added is lost. The mesh seems to revert back to what it was like before I added the smoothing.

(2) Quality of bump maps.

When I add either the normal or displacement maps to the bump channel in Cheetah 3d, black artifacts are visible along what appears to be some parts of the UV seams.

This does not seem to happen in Octane Renderer.

Are there any tutorials or instructions on best practices for exporting meshes from 3d Coat for use in other programs, particularly Cheetah 3d?


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