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[SOLVED] Freeze All or Freeze Object

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I'm just now getting into the freeze operations in the Paint Room and noticed there's an Unfreeze All/Object, etc. Can we also have a Freeze All/Object, etc.?

I'm trying to texture an object, whereby it would be much easier and less time consuming to Freeze the whole object and Unfreeze the portions I want, rather than the other way around.

EDIT: Never mind. I found the Freeze Sub-Object. It's confusing because I had only the one object to work with. I suggest renaming this to Freeze Object/Sub-Object.

The other thing I'm seeing is that because my object extrudes towards me, it's hard to see what is frozen without wireframe on. I suggest giving an option to have a shaded freeze.

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You can also use the fill tool. In the fill tool options you can turn on fill with freeze, then hit any of the buttons on the top of the panel to fill the selection with freeze (layer, material or sub-object).

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