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Hello. I just experimented creating a new shader for 3DC, which is easy enough, but the only settings I seem to get are:

Ambient Color

Diffuse Color



However, most of the shaders appear to also have a specularity level and even an icon that looks like the shader. I'm trying to make a black rubber, but as I can't control the spec and roughness seems a rather obscure setting by itself, I'm not sure how to do this. Advice?

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Some of the shaders in the Panel are what is known as "madcap" shaders. These are really a kind of "trick" shader, since the lighting and specularity is "built-in" - and these shaders don't respond to 3DC lighting.

Somewhere, here among our archives, are the instructions on how to make madcap shaders.

Greg Smith

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Yeah, I saw that link before all of this. I may have just missed something. I sort of figured out how this works before the thread, but realized that even with the DDS plugin, there's code+math thrown in that I'll have to review. That's the only way I can see how to actually control the shininess, etc.

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there is a free software to visually edit the HLSL/GLSL shaders

Shazzam Shader Editor

i registered at the site requesting a download link... but never got a reply

and never found where to download it


So i installed RenderMonkey and im learning how to use it

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