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Sequential individual bake into one UV set possible?


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Thanks, that's a very informative video.

However, there are two problems I have with this solution:

1. It doesn't allow you to pick individual subdivision levels for each object. For example, this will subdivide eyeballs and buttons on the clothing of my character too much and all I really need for those objects, is to be subdivided by one level only (instead of two for other objects).

2. You can only use bake parameters globally. One setting for everything, unlike different settings for each layer.

Is there any workaround for that?

P.S. Holy smokes that was fast! Subdivision and baking process to 2x8k and several smaller maps took only a minute or less! And when I was baking individual objects manually, it took about 30 minutes for most complex layers. :shok:

The overall result is pretty good, but one area looks like it was baked with opacity(!).

The mesh is closed in this area, so this could have been caused by border edges.


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I still don't see how this combines to one UV set, but regardless, it was a great video.

I didn't say it would convert multiple UV maps into one, through the baking process. You have to do that yourself, manually (select islands you want to move > drop list in upper left hand corner to move island(s) to the desired map). What I did say is that you can have objects from different retopo groups occupy the same UV map.
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