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Freeze/Mask Voxel Mode


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Since "pure" voxels include the entire volume of an object, surface "masking" doesn't really address the aspect of interior volume (a surface shading mask has no way to convey how deep the mask should penetrate into the volume).

Therefore, Andrew has provided a method with the "Hide" tool that also reveals how deep the "mask" should be. It is the only way that the concept of a mask fits the context of a volume.

When this tool is used with some of the spline based "E" panel tools, it behaves more like the voxel "Cutoff" tool.

Greg Smith

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I understand what you're saying. Nice tool. This is mostly what I'm after. It may be my inexperience with the surface tools, but I find better luck using the voxel tools to get hard edges with soft smoothing. The problem is having to hide the entire voxel mesh rather than freezing just that surface. I couldn't begin to think how I would go about making that happen with a voxel mesh, at the moment, as it's late here. For now, this will have to do. I'm just left wondering if there might be a way to retain a freeze state done in Surface mode, after converting to Voxel...as if to say, just freeze those outer voxels...dunno.

Thanks, Greg.

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