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Preserving original mesh with Lightwave subD models?

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Here's the first of my questions, and apologies in advance if it's a case of RTFM. There's a host of info out there and parsing through all of it in a short time can be overwhelming--so here I am, asking you. ;)

I started by bringing in a .lwo object of a human figure. It's a pretty low-poly base mesh smoothed in subD. In the import process I was asked how many polygons I wanted to use, which gave me pause because i really wasn't sure how to answer. I picked an arbitrary intermediate value and then went to town unwrapping the model. The unwrap process was a dream, by the way--bravo!

When I exported the model back to a .lwo, I ran into the issue that brought me here. No matter what I did, including specifying exporting a low poly model, the resulting .lwo's base geometry was changed from the original--it was smoothed a great deal with a higher poly count.

Is this result typical? Is there a way to unwrap the model at a higher sub patch level but save the final result back at the original resolution?

Many thanks in advance!

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First off, apologies for the duplicate posts. I asked this in the general forum while still under moderation, before I realized this newbie forum existed.

User ajz3d answered this in the other thread: the problem was I wasn't checking use source positions when I did the export back to .lwo. All fixed now. :)

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