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Hungarian Soldier

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Jo Barot!!! Nagyon Nagyon Jo.

Dolgoztam Magyarorszagon es sok idot toltenek Budapesten. Remelem, hogy elfog ez az erzes az említett helyen a videojatek. Nagy katona!

I still try to practice the language I learned there with out a dictionary (Szotar)

very nice work. I like the solider.


Welch Robert

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Szia Robert. Köszönöm szépen!

sevsen barot! (your welcome my friend)

I was happy (Buldog) when I saw a Hungarian on here and the great art work. You live in my favorite part of the world. I am looking forward to visiting some of my friends there later this year. It has been 6 years since I saw my home away from home.

Kisasszony nagyon sok Tiszaujvaros and Budapest. (I do miss those places so much)

I look forward to some more of your work on here. The animated alien was really nice on your website as was all the work.


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