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Save Maps From Texture Editor


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It would be great as a game artist to be able to show Diffuse, Spec, AO, Wireframe and Normal Maps straight from the texture editor or some menu item that will export them in one image.

What I mean is...when I'm done making an asset, regardless of the program I'm using, I have to go into each map, pull them into Photoshop and then lay them out in a way that I can show all of them in one image to display to an employer or prospective client the layout and work done.

It would be super awesome to have a feature in place that would do this for me in one shot. It's a lot to ask for, but would save tons of time and would help attract more game artists to 3DC than there already are.

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Unless I'm mistaking what you're meaning, this is already possible.

With the texture editor open, there should be a drop down list near the top of the texture editor for showing specific channels (diffuse, spec, normal), for each UV map.

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