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Dual Monitor support (undocking windows)


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I'd like to see better Dual Monitor support in 3DC coat, I use 2 monitors and would like to be able to undock the 2D Texture UV Editor and have that on a different monitor(outside of the app), while having the 3D viewport and tools on the other monitor. Currently the only way to achieve this is to extend the entire 3DC application across the 2 monitors and just size the viewports. This isn't very good for 2 reasons: 1) it is clumsy and hard to line up windows, and 2) I believe CUDA does not work as fast when a single viewport is across 2 monitors, when each viewport is on its own dedicated monitor I believe the OpenGl drivers work faster/better.

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dual monitor handling would be nice :)

It's not as nice as having true dual monitor support, but you can always stretch the app across two monitors, and it actually works pretty well in situations where you have the 2D Texture editor and most panels on the right screen, and a totally full screen for the 3D Viewport on the left. Same thing for the Retopo Room. UV preview panel and all other panels on the right screen, and the whole left screen to retopo in.


Still hope Andrew can visit this someday soon, but one can use 2 monitors effectively in the mean time

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