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Managing multiple objects while UV Mapping


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Well, the thread title is pretty clear, but for the life of me I can not figure out how to properly manage multiple objects while uv mapping. For example, I have a ship consisting of multiple objects (in my case 66), and was really hoping to pick and choose the object to work on, or solo everything but the selected. ZBrush has its solo feature, Maya (and many others) have Hide Unselected Object features, but I can't seem to find anything similar within 3D Coat.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Currently I am going through my giant list of objects and manually hiding each one. This really can't be the only way can it? :P


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I was actually able to figure this one out. More or less.

Alt clicking the eyeball icon in the sub-objects panel. Would be better if I could select the objects in the viewport, but hey. Can't have everything I suppose. :)

You can dock those panels in the UV room, so it's easier to access in this case. The Object Materials (Surfaces) Panel handles the UV maps in a scene. The Sub-Objects handles the meshes. If you want to create new UV maps or cycle between the different ones in the scene, there is a drop list in the upper left hand corner of the UI, in the UV room.
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