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Selling 3DCoat license for real this time..

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Hi guys, some might know me from last time when I wanted to sell my license but then I decided not to do so and use it for a few projects more.

In the meanwhile I slowly converted to other applications to replace 3DCoat in my pipeline, I mainly used it for retopology, UV's, and painting.

So I just finished my latest job inside 3DCoat im working for a museum and I had to rebuild a whole castle with 20+ building handpainted, I mainly used 3DCoat and photoshop for this.

I had to switch from 3.7 to beta for some features and vice versa and I had many many many many crashes when doing this project, a few times I had to start over which is quite killing sometimes.

Some bugs that still are present in 3.7 are also in v4 beta also did not improve my workflow.

Im sellling my 3dcoat windows license for 150 dollars, when upgrading to v4 you still should be at a fairly low price.

I was actually thinking of giving away my license but since buying other applications cost me lots of money I might better benefit from selling it instead.. :)

So if you are interested in my license send me a PM!

And goodbye for good now..

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Greetings @johnnycore


Is your license  still for sale?


I am interested in buying a license for about $150.


Thank you very much.



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