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My new course went up on Digital Tutors (how to Retop and UV in 3D -Coat)


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Thanks for the comments guys!

artman: I've just found Topogun to be the most user friendly with the quickest, most high-quality results so far. With Topogun, I can import my highest level subtools from Zbrush with full polypaint, then transfer the color, normal, and AO all in one pass, and they all come out stunning. Xnormal is the closest program I've found to the quality, but the user-friendliness of that program stops short. I would love to stay in 3D-Coat to make my transfers, but the normal map algorithm is a bit different, and shows up in some gaming engines strange (you can see some of my test results in another thread on this forum). Secondly, the Ambient Occlusion is a bit lacking, and it seems faked somehow. But that being said, 3D-Coat out-shines the rest when it comes to Retop and UVs... by far! So for now, I use what suits my workflow best.

I wouldn't mind working with the 3D-Coat developers to help make 3D-coat be just as strong transferring maps as Topogun is. It's so close... I just think it needs some love.

On the same note, I would love to help get the sculpting to "feel" better. Not to be too critical, but when I try to sculpt with 3D-Coat, it feels like I'm trying to sculpt with marshmallow, instead of clay. The new surface tools have helped immensely, but they still feel a bit off for some reason. Again, so close, but they could still use a bit of tuning (beyond custom brush settings) in my oppinion.

Anyway, I hope you find the tutorial useful. I also hope it gets more people to try out 3D-Coat and realize the power it has!



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