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as a soon-to-be-very-happy owner of 3d coat... i have some questions about it's (possible) future developments.

1: Second Life Sculpties

is this support being phased out? i saw a tutorial video on how to turn a voxel model into a sculpty, but when i tried the steps... they didn't work in the current/new versions.

this isn't a real deal-breaker, but i am curious. in transforming posable meshes to second life, some parts would work better cut off (with that awesome boolean cutter thing) and made into sculpties.

2: Morphs (for Poser)

back in the newbie forum, i was testing out methods for doing this. and i see that right now the only way to export morph targets with 100% success is to export from the retopo room. and the only way to get sculpting from the voxel room to the retopo mesh is with the move, transform, and pose tools. or to massage with that brush tool (which isn't working for me).

what i REALLY want to do is to be able to use the surface sculpting tools to sculpt the actual mesh surface, without even touching voxels. i know that's sort of the opposite of what everyone else wants to do...

but seriously: voxel room, surface mode, import OBJ, surface sculpt the existing vertices, export without the morph exploding... and i will go from a very-happy-owner to an owner-who-has-found-personal-holy-grail.

so just curious about future projected developments (or removal) of those things. thanks a bunch!

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Actually, You can import your low poly mesh into the Paint Room, as Micro Vertex, and then use the sculpting tools in the Tweak (used to be called the Sculpt Room....legacy sculpting tools before Voxels were developed). It's really the best way to do morph targets. With Micro-Vertex, you are actually sculpting live displacement map relief right in the Paint Room. The tweak room actually has some nice tools (especially in the Move/Select) like gradient selection, which you can expand/contract and paint in/out areas of the selection.

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