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Voxels to AUTOPO to paint...


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noob question time...

I've modelled a character in voxels.

I've run AUTOPO (which is all kinds of fun)

What I then get in the paint room is a lower quality mesh to paint on. I don't understand what the relationship is between the voxel sculpt and the mesh. If I bake out maps will they conform to the mesh or the voxels? Should I just set the settings higher at the AUTOPO point so that I don't lose detail at the mesh point. (I should make it clear I don't mean the really low poly autopoed animation mesh, I mean the high density poly mesh that's created for you paint on. Do you need to create this lower poly mesh? Would a directly converted voxel sculpt of 20 million polys explode my computer?).

It's just that it's lost quite a bit of detail (like teeth) despite pushing up quite high...

(also if I have a k4000 should I use the cuda or ogl version of V4)

many thanks


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When you choose AUTOPO - you might want to choose the specific "AUTOPO for per pixel". The default polygon number of 3000 may, indeed, be too low to capture all the detail you need in your finished product. Try a much higher number - then adjust downward to get the result you require.

In areas like the teeth - you might actually be better off making those as separate voxel layers - so that you can assign them an adequate number of polygons for texturing, without giving too many polygons to areas of your model that are less detailed. Adding density shading while running AUTOPO can also let you selectively choose which parts of your model get the highest density of polygons.

When you run AUTOPO, the program will try to project as much detail as possible from your voxel sculpt to your lower resolution polygon mesh - by means of normal maps and, if you choose, ambient occlusion. The end result is an illusion of higher detail than is actually present in the rather low poly mesh.

Not knowing what the final purpose of your exported mesh will be - you can always choose to paint "diffuse color" directly on your voxel model - and render it directly in 3D-Coat - giving you a nice still image or, if you wish, an animated fly-by or turntable animation for the display of your model. The 3D-Coat rendering engine is adequate for many purposes.

Let me know how it turns out.

Greg Smith

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