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V4 Bug or not?

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A few minutes ago, i get a serious problem with the new V4.

Let me explain it a little bit more detailed.

I have played a new game, and after i played enough, i closed the game and i started 3d coat.

After the start up, i get an error message. something about a XML file i have do delete manualy, i did not realised that error comes from 3d coat, so i hit the OK button, because i was thinking, that comes from the new game.

I cant say exactly what the text means of that message. so i cant give realy more infos about that.

But after 3d coat was loaded i see there are some missmatches.

First this.


Here should be the strips but now it is empty and there is now true, what ever that means.

Then this.


This should be the pen options, where i could change the rotation, follow path, spacing, and stuff like that.

But now it is empty, and the word Pen0 is now on that place.

In the lower field, are all masks gone with the field.

All presets are gone like last work, the paths to my folders and stuff like that.

I found in the log there is the settings.xml missing. Maybe this is the reason of that error message.

Loading Xml file "Xmls/Settings.xml"...
Can't load file "Xmls/Settings.xml"
Graphics card and driver info
Direct3D Renderer

Adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560
Driver: nvd3dumx.dll

Vertex shaders 3.0
Pixel shaders 3.0
MRT (targets: 4)
Non power of two

I am sure, that i dont have deleted some files of 3d coat, nor anything else.

The only new change is the new game. But i dont think that the game would do anything on 3d coat. But i could be wrong, not sure if the DX update of the game change something.

Damn i wish i could redo all and make a screenshot about that error.

Any help would be nice, something goes wrong today. The last 3 days everything works correctly but now.

Run anybody else in a similar problem?

Please help.

Regards Malo

Edited by Malo

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similar problem nope

reinstall help ?

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No, i did not reinstall it, i was hoping somebody could helps me until i have to reinstall V4.

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I guess something happened with 3D-Coat's settings.xml file (or files). I would reinstall. That should cause no harm at all.

Let us know if it helps or doesn't help

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Thanks for the help.

A new install solved that problem.

But i keep an eye on it, maybe it occurs again, and then i make a screenshot.

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