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New demo user, UI feature request x 2 ?

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Hello folks,

I am just learning the demo now. I have a question / request...

Currently the ALT key has to be pressed every time if I want to Navigate during most Operations such as grow, sphere, etc...

This is sort of "non-intuitive" because the standard Navigate does not require ALT buttons.

Is there some way you can add a optional change in this behavior?

In other words, It would be great if we could change the behavior to:

Standard Navigate: NO ALT

Navigate during Operation: NO ALT

Perform Operation: Press ALT + LMB (or perhaps another custom key comb)

second request: Floating Dockable Panels for tools would be great so we can have tools side by side ... such as more than 1 scrollable column on the left.

Thanks again for great program. Going to keep messing with Tutorials and hopefully I will improve skills.

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NO Alt needed for navigating IF your brush is not over your object. But no ALT+LMB for operations possible. I think it's reasonable. You do more sculpting/painting than navigating, so why would I hold ALT key more often?

Cheers and welcome aboard ;)

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