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Useful batches for v4


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hi all,

just a couple of simple yet useful batches..

Paint High Low Voxel batch
// Adds two fill layers, first, with foreground color as "Less in cavity", second, with background color as "More in cavity".

Smooth all volumes
// Apply "Smooth all" to each volume in tree that is NOT in surface mode.

have fun



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Great that you like it, a few explanations then )

in the first lines of the script are parameters you might want to tweak a bit every time you use it...

smoothing :

// change this to change resolution iterations
int resolutionSteps = 1;

// change this to change smoothing iterations
int smoothingSteps = 5;


painting :

// change these values to alter cavity intensity for both passes
float highFactor = 6.0F;
float lowFactor = 6.0F;


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21.06.2013 09:30:47 : Executing script: C:\Users\user\Documents\3D-CoatV4\Scripts\PaintHighLow.script.txt

is not very helpful


I used it over an UV model loaded for PPP at paint room... must be only applied over a surface shape mode from sculpt room ?


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oops, yes, it caused a bad freeze here too...

and yes, the script ist meant for volumes, I haven't experimented much with ppp yet, I have to admit :)

I guess it crashed when trying to switch a non existant volume to surface mode.

there is another log.txt in your script folder, maybe there are more infos there, but probably not. (here, there where none except my own "print" instructions...)

here is a fixed version of the paint script, checking for the first volume's existance before continuing, here it avoids this crash...

Thanks for testing!


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user\Documents\3D-CoatV4\Scripts ;)

so the last one is the upgraded version that cover all rooms ?

or i need to use the first for surface mode and the last for paint mode ?

this script is a BIG TIME SAVER !!! :blink:


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