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Little problem with a custom Strips


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I have a little problem with my custom strip.


I have used this image for my latest armor as strip in Surface Mode and the LiveClay Tool.

Everything works correctly as far as i see.

Now i want to use that image in Voxel Mode, but it wont works.

Did anybody have an idea why it works in Surface Mode but not in Voxel Mode?

Would be nice to know for future images, that i want to create.

Regards Malo

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Hi Malo,

As far as I recall, Strips do not work with voxels. I cannot remember why, though I remember having a discussion with Andrew about it (it is what resulted in at least getting it working in Surface/LC mode).

The best closest way of reproducing it right now, is to use a curve mode from the e-Panel.

Might be time for another feature request. :)

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