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I not the use of surface(LiveClay) mode control of density is difficult


Try turning on wireframe view (in View menu).

Then try the various "SHIFT action" options available above the viewport.

For example, choose the "reduce" option, and while holding down the SHIFT key, brush on the mesh with the Draw tool (surface mode). You will see that you can precisely control the density of your mesh in exact areas.


Also, very nice sculpting on your cyber ninja model!

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I was using the function to reduce, but this is not freedom.
high res Voxel sculpting  but consume a lot of memory,but I like it because to allow the freedom-form
Ninja model is operating as a real-time model already
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Very cool ninja, Ymt3d. You mentioned "3D Fighting Game Engine". Could this mean that this character has  been designed with a beat'em up game in mind? A genre that is almost extinct?

Nostalgia is starting to overwhelm me now. Renegade, IK+, Street Fighter II, Body Blows... :drinks:

I like your character a lot, especially his helmet. But does he see anything through that narrow visor? :ph34r:

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