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I want to use 3D coat to post process high polygone (>1 mil) 3D scan data with UV maps. I need the sculpturing tools from the voxel room to cut bridges and smooth the scans. This works superb, but I loose the UV data.

What is the right workflow to load the 3d model, optimize it and fix the UV map?

Thank you!




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Hi Bernhard,


Does your scan mesh have a UV map before you import it to 3D-Coat?


The point is the next: meshes in Voxels room can't have UV's because they don't have actual polygons. so you must retopologize your fixed/cleaned mesh (= cover it with actual polygons) and then make a new UV, and then bake you color or whatever from your original mesh.


Maybe somebody will suggest something else...


P.S. how a scan data (that usually is STL) can have a UV???

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