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feature requests for 3d coat

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dear all


I have just started using 3d coat, have not yet bought 3d coat but I am definitely considering it because it releases me from the topological constraints of general 3d sculpting in other packages, even with dynamesh in zbrush, you are still restricted by topology and I could even say its because of this restriction that you need to use dynamesh so often and even at all, but inside 3d coat you don't need to think about that and it is no longer a troublesome shadow leaning over you restricting you from the very start, but something that is quite pleasant and enjoyable, I have to say I have never known retopology to be so enjoyable and easy to use than with 3d coat but zbrush isn't without its merits like with the latest release 4r6, the zremesher is more advanced than that of 3dcoats auto retopo and in some other areas its more refined but as a user of zbrush I full stop decline to use it for retopology what so ever as its not just a headache but a nightmare that seams to last forever.


zbrush is also better is some other areas due to it costing more and being around a lot longer it has had time to improve some areas I would like to see added to 3d coat in some later release, those tools are fibremesh and zspheres.

first of I am aware that 3dcoat has a similar tool to zbrushes zspheres but zspheres have more capabilities since the introduction of zspheres 2 and that is something I would like to see introduced into 3dcoats arsenal.

secondly fibremesh, a recent addition to zbrushes toolshelf, this allows you to create and sculpt hair inside zbrush and is equally something that I wold love to see added to 3dcoat, if added its just something else that you don't need to use the over priced piece of software called zbrush for.


also for more information about zspheres and how they work head on over to http://pixologic.com/zbrush/features/ZSpheres/


also for more information about fibre mesh and how it works head on over to http://pixologic.com/zbrush/features/FiberMesh/

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