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[Solved] how to import an .obj in Voxel Room

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Workflow suggestion:

0. Use latest beta build. You can download from this forum in the section called New Releases And Betas

1. File-->import-->Import mesh for voxelizing

2. Scale up your model to desired resolution (bigger scale = higher resolution of voxels) Click apply in Tool Options palette, or hit Enter. Your mesh will be voxelized. Also select "Yes" when asked to remember original model position.

3. Switch to a Voxel sculpting tool ("Grow" for example) in order to get out of the Merge Tool and see your model.

4. Pick a shader for your model from the Shader tool palette. I recommend PicMat_Grey_Clay because you can see the effects of your sculpting well.

5. Use voxel tools to sculpt your model (add dents to your car model)

6. When finished sculpting, change to Retopo room and choose Retopo-->Import and choose the same mesh you voxelized earlier. Select "Yes" to snap this model to your voxel mesh.

7. Create UVs (if necessary) with tools in UV section of toolbar.

8. Bake your model to the Paint Room by choosing Retopo-->Merge with NM (per-pixel) or select a different option that suits you better. If you want a displacement map, choose a "microverts" option.

9. Once your model is in the Paint Room you will have your normal map in the Layers palette. Feel free to add layers and paint your model further. You can paint normal map depth, or diffuse color, specular, glow, etc.

10. After painting is complete, choose File-->Export-->Export Model to send your improved model out of 3D-Coat.

Good Luck!

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Since this not a problem, the new user forum section would be a better place to post these type of questions.


Check out the videos at the 3DC official YouTube site also for help on the many workflows and tools 3DC has...


Voxlayer (left tool panel) is one tool you can use to create clothing for your character but there are several ways...

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