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How to sculpt mummy strips ?


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hi Carlosan,

I guess I would try to duplicate the base shape, draw a freeze bandage on it, invert that and then extrude it along the normals. Then do the same on different positions on the duplicates, extrude them more and later combine everything.

On the other hand you can make multiple duplicates, give them different offsets of the surface, cut away what you don´t need and then combine everything.

You could also do a mask with big stripes in gray tones and use them for sculpting.

Just some ideas that immediately came to mind. Maybe it helps.

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This works really well:  


1)  Pick the second Brush Alpha from the left and lower the intensity way down.

2)  Choose the "Toothpaste" tool (Voxel Tools) and check "Snap to surface" (top controls).

3)  Draw strips.  Better resolution makes better strips.



Greg Smith

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