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Polymesh keeps disappearing when I turn on X-Symmetry during Retopology

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I'm having trouble adding Polygons during Retopology.


I created a .obj file in ZBrush, then imported it as a Reference Mesh for Retopology.

Using the Points and Faces tool, I added points and successfully created a few Polygons.


However, as soon as I turn on X-Symmetry, the Polygons disappear.


I'm new to 3D Coat, so your help would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks in advance.


My Setup:

4.0.04A trial (GL64)

2013 Macbook Pro, Quad Core, 16G RAM. OSX v 10.8.4



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Thank you so much.

It worked.




Sure thing. Glad to help. The reason this happens is because 3D Coat has a virtual mirror mode on by default. That means when the symmetry plane is enabled it will show you a preview of the mesh on the opposite side of the chosen axis. By default, it assumes you will want to create it on the positive side of the axis. That's also why you may see nothing if you try to build geometry on the negative side and the Symmetry Plane is on. But checking INVERT MIRROR tells 3D Coat you are instead building on the negative side of the chosen axis, instead. Here is a video that goes a bit further into Symmetry in the Retopo Room.



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Thank you once again AbnRanger!! I was just about to pull out my hair :)

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