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I have been trying to dig into the logic behind folders (brushes, materials, etc) so I know where things go, backup or can group differently, etc.


Is there a straightforward outline of what goes where and where those folders are?


I feel confused.


Thank You,

Kevin L

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As I am digging through tutorials and manual, exploring the topology of 3D Coat I have found a perfect example of my confusion. This is in my Documents/Layout folder. I suspect some of these are incorrect.... but?


Any help appreciated, thanks in Advance.



Bluegrey_Depth 6/13/2013
Brush' n Voxel Stamps obj.'s 6/14/2013
Bugreport 7/31/2013
Cache 6/30/2013
Eat 3D - 110 Custom Bolt Alphas 6/14/2013
Extra 6/14/2013
FillPatterns 7/29/2013
Gold 6/14/2013
HardSurface alphas 6/14/2013
J_Bone_001 6/14/2013
J_BoneBump 6/14/2013
J_Chocolate 6/14/2013
J_Eye_Blue 6/14/2013
J_LizEye_001 6/14/2013
J_LizEye_002 6/14/2013
J_Skin_001 6/14/2013
Layouts Today
Oldwood 6/14/2013
OptionsPresets 6/14/2013
OT_Mech_Details 6/14/2013
OT_Sculpting 6/14/2013
patterns 6/14/2013
PicMat_Dorodango 6/14/2013
RenderedImages 6/17/2013
Shaders 6/13/2013
SN_Metal_Bronze_Brushed 6/14/2013
StartMenu 6/14/2013
Temp Today
textures 7/29/2013
ToolsPresets 6/16/2013
Undo Today
UserData Today
VoxStamps 6/13/2013
XMD_Clothing_Set1_Alphas 6/14/2013
XMD_Drag_Brushes_Set1_Alphas 6/14/2013
XMD_Gear_Set1_Alphas 6/14/2013
XMD_Nature_Set1_Alphas 6/14/2013
XMD_Skin_and_Wrinkle_Set1_Alphas 6/14/2013
XMD_Stroke_Brushes_Set2_Alphas 6/14/2013
XMD_Tech_Set1_Alphas 6/14/2013
XMD_Terra_Set1_Alphas 6/14/2013
artman's HardSurface.preset preset 6/14/2013
artman's presets 1.4.preset preset 6/14/2013
basehead01.3b 3b 6/14/2013
Bluegrey_Depth_shader.3dcpack 3dcpack 6/14/2013
Eat3d_110_Custom_Bolt_Alphas.jpg jpg 6/14/2013
Eat3d_110_Custom_Bolt_Alphas_Render.jpg jpg 6/14/2013
Hair_V1.penpack penpack 6/14/2013
HardSurface.psd psd 6/14/2013
Hardsurface Penpack.penpack penpack 6/14/2013
KTL_Voxel 061313.onepagelayout onep... 6/13/2013
LOAD THIS PENPACK FIRST.penpack penpack 6/14/2013
Log.txt txt Today
Options.xml xml Today
Options_Aux.xml xml Today
Options_Hidden.xml xml Today
Options_Hotkeys.xml xml Today
Options_Navigation.xml xml Today
Options_Presets.xml xml Today
Options_Theme.xml xml Today
Options_Windows.xml xml Today
OT_pack.txt txt 6/14/2013
Presets.xml xml Today
process.txt txt Today
rparam.xml xml 6/17/2013
temp.txt txt Today
test_raw.mtl mtl 7/31/2013
test_raw.obj obj 7/31/2013

TinkerObjects.txt txt 6/13/2013
UnknownShaders.txt txt Today
Voxel Room_General.3dc_workspace 3dc_... Today
window.txt txt Today
XMD_ClothingSet1.penpack penpack 6/14/2013
XMD_Drag_Brushes.penpack penpack 6/14/2013
XMD_GearSet1.penpack penpack 6/14/2013
XMD_NatureSet1.penpack penpack 6/14/2013
XMD_SkinWrinkle1.penpack penpack 6/14/2013
XMD_StrokeBrushes.penpack penpack 6/14/2013
XMD_StrokeBrushes2.penpack penpack 6/14/2013
XMD_TechSet1.penpack penpack 6/14/2013

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...It's a lot to try to figure out. I'm still lost in there as well, but most of this

is because of my lack of experience with big File System arrangements.


I'm afraid to move stuff around at all, because It may mess something up,

I'm not clear on what is what and what should be in what folders.


Some basic screencaptures of how the layouts should look and be set up,

with some "This is for the [blank] files and these files are for"...ect with

some nice tips on how it all should look and work, and do's and don'ts

would really be helpful.


I know I'll have to come to a better understanding of it all sometime,

I just keep putting that off...but it's really critically important stuff.

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I bit the bullet and went ahead, did a clean install and printed the folder structure. Then I installed extensions and printed that. I have it in a PDF. One thing I notice in my clean install vs. adding extensions is that the extensions all installed in the "user" folders, not "programs". This made sense. It also was not like the mess I originally had after doing multiple updates installs.


I have attached the pdf, with basic bookmarks.


One question: Should extensions be installing in the root "user/documents/3D coat-v4" or should they be in the different sub-folders i.e. textures, patterns....


Kevin L

Folder Outline-extensions Added_3D-CoatV4.pdf

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I think things like brushes, masks, strips, etc can benefit from being in their own sub-folders.  In the right corner of the brushes pallet, there is a downward facing triangle.  If you click on it there is a menu with a "folders" option.  The folders option lets you choose which brush folder to display.  For example, I have Artman's pen pack, default, and test brush subfolders.  Its really a matter of preference and work-style.  Do you like to see everything, or do you like to have just what you need showing?


Note:  Many of 3D Coats windows have this tiny downward-facing arrow symbol.  It is easily overlooked, but often a lot of useful options are hidden there.


Note 2:.  Under the little triangle there are options to add and delete folders associated with the window (brushes, objects, strips, masks, etc).  Because of this, I do most of my management from within 3D Coat, and have never really had a need to focus on the underlying folder structure. 

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