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True Journeymen, I usually like to change my workflow from time to time so every time I do something feels completely different, it helps to change the monotony. I really enjoy sculpting in 3d-coat, if you go to my blog you can see some models sculpted in zbrush and others in 3d-coat. I did some retopology in 3d-coat once but, I'm really use to do it in Blender, it feels more fast to me. For texturing and creating details with bump map is so awesome in 3d-coat because you can mix the original normals with the bumps and export them in a single normal map. In my workflow I start with Zbrush and when I feel the form its completely finish I move the model to 3d-coat and add extra details, I do this because 3d-coat allows me to use voxels and push the limits of my video card with the GPU feature, this is a big plus because is 64bits and zbrush its still 32bits.


Here some stuff I did in this workflow I'm explaining, started in zbrush, adding details in 3d-coat, auto-topo in 3d-coat, texturing in 3d-coat:



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Really cool model! Thank you for explaining how you are using 3D-Coat in your workflow.


I also like your concept design for the scene with the boat. Just looking at it I feel tempted to start sculpting it right away in 3D-Coat!

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