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Paint mesh should be auto up-dated when modeling room mesh change.  I do not think 3d coat will use same mesh for these 2 room,

but I suppose there should be way to keep link for 2 different room mesh. 

eg I expect,  when we import mesh from paint room to retopo room,  3d coat make link for these 2 mesh.

There have been some functions to up-date or import export mesh between 2  room. but we bake texture in retopo room = we need texture to paint on to the mesh.

Almost there is no possibility we only edit mesh geometry / UV  for retopo room mesh   but not up-date it for baked mesh in Paint room.

as visual in retopo room, I do not care if it not show current texture. (and most of case it is more clear to seee mesh topology )

but when edit geometry in retopo room (Mesh or UV)  linked Paint mesh should be auto-update when I return to paint room. (or offer dialogue option on and off, to confirm up-date paint mesh same as retopo mesh, without any import export dialogue again. 

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On 7/12/2021 at 10:46 AM, Frimasson said:

I've got a display issue on UV seams in paint room (parasite  pixels that i can't rid of ) 
And this bug wasn't in 3dc 4.5

The texture was baked in Zbrush, touched up in 3d coat 2021 ( i wasn't able to get rid of white pixels )
And, when i load the model in 3d coat 4.5, white pixels are gone

@AndrewShpagin I've also reported this one multiple times and this is personally what prevents me to jump on 3DCoat 2021, a fix would be extremely appreciated

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I'd very much like to be able to change the UI font in in Theme Preferences in the Linux builds. As of build 2022.25 it doesn't work. [If anyone has it working please do tell how.]

While the 3DCoat UI is fixed, can we edit some script to achieve that?

Thanks in advance.

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Posted (edited)


upon reading the first post by Carlosan in this thread, I find myself a tad confused.

While I interpreted the thread topic "3DCoat features you would like to see resolved" as things to be finished, polished or make fully functional, Carlosan states "(...) existing features that you would like to see removed." Which I take as things that are maybe obsolete, superseded by new functionality or already improved somewhere else, as if one would like to suggest ways to avoid cluttering or malfunction in the software.

Maybe the confusion is in my interpretation. It's been known to happen before, astonishingly! :D

In any case, please feel free to move my posts to a more suitable thread if this one is not the appropriate or contradicts the spirit of the purpose of the thread. Apologies if my possible misinterpretation created any inconvenience.

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