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3DC v4.0.7B(gl)  Windows XP3



okay...  disregarding tiny details, such as i haven't shown the eyebrows/lashes in the retopo, and i haven't actually finished massaging the retopo into place...  why does this retopo export as this obj?





symmetry is on (X).  i selected the retopo layer i was working on, and did file: export retopo mesh.



i basically followed the tutorial vid, the one with the ant and the head, where imoprted meshes are used to glom onto the voxel retopo base.

you transform the mesh to get it approximately the right dimensions,

use the brush to move bits into place,

then turn on autosnap to closest-along-normal and bump it into place with the smooth and brush tools.



   that actually went fairly well.  and then it exports this asymmetrical monstrosity.  also, it seems to have lost 6 vertices and 13 faces, which i kinda need.




   while i'm here....  this head mesh i'm using has several materials (skin, inner mouth, eyebrows, etc.).  they come in under different retopo groups.  is there a way i can work on several of these groups all at once, without having to merge them together?  i can't seem to shift-select or ctrl-select several 'layers.'  not even to export them all without merging them.

i would really like to do that.  :/ 

   if i have to merge them, okay, but is there a way i can have them keep their materials?  they blend all into one material when i merge them and export.



why me?  am i asking the impossible?


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