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Hi All,


I download this application after seeing some of the amazing results, but I keep running into resolution issues.


I want to do a large landscape mesh and it's naturally going to be very dense in areas. So if you see the attachment how can I

sculpt in more detail in the area marked ? is it possible to ramp up the density in just this area ?


I can see that you can re sample the whole object but that's wasteful and editing on mesh that's be res+ 'ed a few times is slow ( about 8 mill tris on a haswell i5 ) and still doesnt give nearly enough detail I need.







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Hi Thanks,


Ok, could not see where I could switch to surface mode so just restarted and selected the surface mode from the start is there a hot key? - If this is the case why would I ever use the voxel editing mode ?


While in surface mode the brushes are not giving me what I expect at :/ I am using live clay and the button brush but its giving me anything but the image and changing how it looks depending 

on the detail slider ? see image all those stamps are using the same brush.


But the killer is lag, huge amounts to the point where selecting buttons is hard - I'm getting drops from 170 fps to under 20 just panning and rotating the view  or moving the cursor especially to the left hand side the cursor gets very choppy at times.


I'm using the iGPU in DX mode on the i5 4430 ( I've got a gtx 560 in another machine ) but the scene in the image is very low ploy. Its a new build but I have not

had performance issues with other 3D apps. 


Any suggestions welcome :) 







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I seem to have fixed the lag issue - I changed from my microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse to a cheap wired set, works fine now though the lag was only

apparent in 3D coat and more so on the left menus, very odd.


But I still cant get the brushes to behave the way I would expect in Live Clay mode see image the inset image is voxel mode and they work fine..


Would be happy to watch a video of the live view and or LV brushes but it seems the vids mostly cover voxels ?




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Your screen shot is pretty small and it is hard to see what settings you have activated. I'm guessing that maybe you have a low depth setting, but I'm not sure if that is the problem or not.


Also, to dynamically change the tesselation wherever you want on your mesh, use the SHIFT action options above the viewport (hold down SHIFT and brush on your mesh while in wireframe mode to see the results).


Also, to switch to Surface mode from Voxel mode, click on the little "V" in the Voxtree panel. The "V" will turn into an "S" to show you are in Surface Mode.



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