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[Paint ROOM] Make the V shortcut (color pick) act like the pipette tool

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Well, in photoshop i use ALT key a lot to pick color. Everyone knows that you can't pick color with blends cause it will alter the real color.

In 3D coat we have the V shortcut (would be great if it were possible to switch it to ALT) to pick color and we have the "pipette" tool that takes a color sample of the selected layer 

Well, before i start painting, I like have a layer of ambient occlusion to guide me. This layer is on top always [Multiply Blend], using the V key 3d coat will pick the color result of the blending, i have to hide the AO layer and paint without it. 

Using the pipette tool i can pick the colors in the layer i'm working (selected layer) without pick the result of the blendig.

This is very good, but using this tool i have to click on pipette, use, change the brush again...., with V key the workflow is non-stop.


Is there a way to change the pick color (V shortcut) behavior to make it pick only the selected layer like the pipette tool?  


Create a shortcut to the pipette tool is not a solution couse it will chante the current tool and i have to select the brush again....

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Pick Tool

Tool Options

Choose color for all layer = OFF


Is this what you need ?

hope it help

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unfortunately these settings are applied to the pipette tool (pick tool) only, has no effect on the "pick color" using the shortcut V ( Windows > popups > pick color/depth/specular [V] ) 

would be great if there was a configuration like the pick tool to the "pick color"

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