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Introduction to 3D Coat - Sale!

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Hello, all.  I posted a link in the forums a couple of weeks ago about training that I put together for new and advanced artists going into 3D Coat for the first time.

I'm currently providing a %50 off sale on this training (normally $29) until the end of Wednesday, Nov 13, 2013 for the first 8 people to sign up!  That's only $15 for 4 hours of instruction, introducing 3D Coat's main functions, internal workflow, some external actions, and customization!

Don't miss out!  https://www.udemy.com/introduction-to-3d-coat/?couponCode=U3D002

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Hi all


Just a quick post to say that I purchased this training and found it to be very useful in giving me a full overview of 3D Coat. I had previously spent a bit of time working through the various youtube videos, however I found Robert's training helped me to quickly gain insight into what 3D coat offers and how all the different 'Rooms' hang together.


I was finding it difficult to get my head around 3D Coat because, good as they are, the youtube videos are rather piecemeal and I needed a simpler and more structured way of learning. With this training behind me, I'm now getting much more from the in-depth youtube videos (ie, they make much more sense to me).


Hope this review helps others who are unsure where to start with structured learning.



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