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Morps dont work(I think)


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Im trying to do as in this video http://vimeo.com/9394361

Its about getting morph targets into LW. I cant get this to work in 3Dcoat v4. 

The tab isn't called Sculpt anymore, its called Tweak, but I asume its the same, is it?

When i try to change a Layer in Tweak room it says its no ide to do so because Tweak room always work on the current layer.

So I cant toggle my morps on and off. Its seams to change the mesh and not create a morph target on a specific layer.

Anyone that can help me with this? I would be very appreciated.





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It seams to work when im in Microvertex mode, as it says under the video:)

Good to know you got it resolved. Yeah...Per Pixel Painting mode is a different creature than Microvertex, as it works with Normal Maps. MicroVertex works with a Displacement map in the depth channel.

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