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Exporting pixel Painted voxel model from 3d coat

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Hi everyone,


I am trying to create a workflow between ZBrush and 3D Coat in order to use benefits of both programs. I am trying to do an architectural project and I try my best to be precise. I modelled something in 3D coat, I brought it to Zbrush basically by exporting and I paint it in Zbrush. Afterwards I brought my painted object to 3D coat by pixel painting option and baked on my voxel object. I edited it in 3D coat (mostly with Cut off tool) and now I want to 3D print this object. I know 3D coat has some features for retopo a model but I loose a lot of details when I do it in 3D coat. (An other detail is that my object has a skin so manually retopo is not that easy...) Since my model is around 10mil polycount there is no way of 3D printing as it is right now. The best results and reviews were about the decimation master in Zbrush but unfortunately I cant get my painted object from 3D Coat to Zbrush. 


So my question is is there a way to bring a pixel painted surface object from 3D Coat to Zbrush? Or is there an alternative for decimation master of Zbrush for reducing polycount and preserving the pixel paint? 


Thank you very much,


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