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Hello all,


Just a few lines to introduce myself. I'm Dougie. My background is graphic design - mainly print and video branding work. I've worked in the design industry for 20+ years but have recently (within the last year) taken some time out to look after our young kids - my wife wanted to go back to work.


I've always been interested in 3d stuff but never really did anything about it until about 3 years ago. I started with Sketch-up, then moved onto Cheetah 3D (I use a Mac) and then finally took the plunge and moved to Cinema 4D. I didn't get much chance to develop my skills when working as I was running a small design agency and most of my time was taken up with running the business, however, as I now have child-care help for a couple of days a week I'm taking the opportunity to delve a lot deeper into the 3D world.


I know my way around Cinema 4D reasonably well, but, when it comes to modelling, I think my brain is more geared towards Voxel modelling rather than box/spline/polygon modelling. I've been playing with 3D Coat and absolutely love it. I currently run the Educational version on a Mac but my goal is to become proficient enough to use it for paid work and therefore justify the cost of the professional version.


I fully expect to ask some dumb questions but you all seem like a friendly and knowledgeable bunch. Going forward hope to be able to make a positive contribution to this community.




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Welcome aboard, Doug. I started off in Graphic Design as well, but got turned onto 3D before long. I think it's the perfect medium for anyone who has fine art skills. Graphic Design does little to stretch those skills and instead focuses more heavily on Typography, page layout, Image editing and composition. It can help a great deal, though if one veers into Motion Graphics, though. In which case, you definitely chose the right major 3D App (C4D). But for modeling/sculpting/Texture Painting stage of the pipeline, I strongly prefer 3D Coat...after years of working in 3ds Max. I remember all the time I spent piddling with topology...cutting and welding verts, etc. It's a hard habit to break. Don't have to worry about that mess, doing the modeling in 3D Coat.


Hope to see some WIPs on here, soon. :good:

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