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Vertex Colors and Information Layer

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I was wondering about vertex colors. 3D Coat can paint layers great.

I'm looking to do vertex colors as show in a random link for example.

I'm not sure where the vertex colors are stored alongside a material channel.

I just know they get exported with it but not as a material to show for rendering in this case.


Is it possible to export like this. I know there is some software though thet will bake the texture to vertex.

Would this be the process, or is there an option for this in 3D Coat upon export?



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Actually I found how to do the vertex color process I was looking for through some python reference. I,m using Blender 3D for this process now, thx.

* Still not sure if there is a vertex channel for .fbx export for 3D Coat. Anyone?

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Yes the FBX format can handle the vertex color.

I know that Zbrush can convert texture map to vertex color (polypaint).

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