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This is my first serious 3d-coat model.

I've always want to make a character based on Rob Conway "The Con Man" (I found his WWE entrance song "Just look at me" extremely amusing).




Since I am not very good at sculpting I had to made my "base shape" on 3dsmax, and then export it to 3d-coat for fine detailing.




Just Look at me!










Now I need to make some sort of tactical armor and a shiny pair of sunglasses B) , and a stylish hair for him. :D


Does anyone know any good hard surface tutorial for 3d-coat? especially for armors and stuff. I have no idea how to make them in 3d-coat :(


And a hair tutorial would be appreciated. if there is one, I always have trouble making those "good looking hairs".


Merry christmas!



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cool stuff.


I recently watched this zbrush tutorial.



the techniques are all transferable into 3d coat as far as i can see.

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