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Dear 3DC Developers/Mods/Members,



I am looking at purchasing 3D Coat V4 on Steam in the next couple hours. However, before I commit. I wanted a explination of what this means..


"No commercial usage, but you may earn money from TF2 and DOTA 2 items. "


The Reason I ask is.. My main reason to buy 3DC is to make Dota 2 items and I was wondering if it's okay to keep the profits I make from this? And if so that wouldn't really be Non-Commercial Usage.. it would be Commercial. So, Why does it say I can earn money with TF2 or DOTA 2 Items?


Does 3DC have some kind of deal with Steam or something? just wondering...


Just making a clarification as I searched the forum but could find no definite answer.

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You may take profit from items fro TF2/Dota with Basic version.

Restriction related to commercial usage in general - but that two cases due to our agreement with Steam.

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