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Hello there, my name is Nicolas Kirsch, i am working on mod project on the source engine as AI programmer and modeler, i am  34 year old,  

And i purchase for a pro licence of 3dcoat through Steam, I am now learn this base, and discover the app , and i must to say that i am very satisfied of 3dcoat, as game artist and developer,

I used Lightwave for a long time now, but I am now using Maya 2014, that also satisfy me alot compared to what the lightwave modeler purpose this day, i haven't upgraded with the good deal that newtek had proposed this Christmas  period,  3d coat offers me, what LW modeler and Zbrush combined  shall brings in my workflow.


My English is not perfect, i am french , and will do my best to be clear  on board :)


i will use this topic to post some stuff made with 3Dcoat, i suppose some concept and experimentation.

i will starting  right now and show you my first attempt with the Voxel and Render rooms.


I only worked in Voxel ( excepted the horns), i will check out later what liveclay and surface specificities are exactly, there is no better method to apply than test out directly the tools and try to do something correct.


Tool used : 







The turn around (1.0mb AVI)




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