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Huge .3b file?

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The model I am currently working on is very detailed, It's some sort of biomechanical human/alien hybrid. I only finished half the head of my character and my .3b file is already over 700MB :blink: ( I have to downgrade some of the volume to keep my frame rate acceptable). I am pretty sure when I finished the whole model (If I keep everything in a single file), It will be over 2GB.


The huge file size did give me some trouble, sometime it takes a lot of time to downgrade to volume, my computer even crashed 1 time when I try to downgrade to volume and corrupted my 3d coat settings. It also takes a lot of time to save (obviously). other than that everything seems pretty much ok.


Is this something 3d coat expected, or I am putting to much detail into my model?

Is it necessary to separate my model's into multiple part when my file gets too large? I hope nothing goes wrong when I try to retopo or bake the texture, or I am just being paranoid?


By the way, thanks thy great pilgway god for granting me this powerful magic, so I can bring my most unholy creation down to the surface :wub:

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This seam normal to me.

On my current project i am on 21 Million polys with a lot of layers and i have now 620 MB and i think this will grow, too.


It is not necassary to seperate your model in different parts, but it helps you alot if you dont have realy good highend pc.

You could bake your model in seperats parts, too.

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If my scene comprises of multiple objects, I like to sculpt them in separate files and only merge them into my main scene after I'm done. This minimises HDD wear and free space usage caused by my huge main file.

700MB is nothing. Wait until you start painting textures... ;)

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