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Inflate brush / planned tutorials

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I made a video with my questions about the airbrush and inflate brush and the missing tendril and rope brushes, maybe you can help me.



I try to learn as much about 3dcoat that I can and as quid pro quo I can make video tutorials, my native language is german so german tutorials are quite easy to do.



A few days ago I mailed with greg smith who was interested in german tutorials. My 3D application is Cinema 4D and I'm missing some information about to bake details as displacement/normal to get the same result in cinema as you can see in coat in the voxel room. Maybe this is some interesting part for german tutorials.





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shape3d, use LC brushes

Hi, Andrew told me the following:



Some brushes was removed due to rawness or uselessness. I think that some of them is possible to mimick using General brush.

Regarding brushing - you may do this effect with your preset based on General brush. There is option "Trajectory" that does what you need.

Generally all was done as it works now to improve quality of stroke, equally spaced spots produce much better quality of stroke."


Before I ask him maybe you can help. The general brush is under Surface mode. But it is not described in the help file. Is there any info availiable?





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